Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Pellets 7-Ounces (200 Grams) Jar - Small Pellet Size

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Brand: Ocean Nutrition


  • A soft and moist small (+/- 1.2mm) sinking pellet food for all herbivorous tropical fish under 4 inches
  • Packed in oxygen-free pouches to guarantee maximum freshness
  • Supports coloration and a healthy immune system
  • Specially formulated for easy digestion and does not cloud the water when used properly
  • Ideal for herbivorous and omnivorous fish including Marine Angels, Batfish, Clowns, Chromis, Damsels, Parrots, Pygmy Angels, Rabbitfish, Tangs… also great for Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, Sea Cucumbers, Crabs and Shrimp

Details: Formula Two Pellets are a perfectly soft moist pellet food, containing extra marine algae, for all herbivorous and omnivorous tropical fish. The soft moist characteristics increase palatability and promote easy digestion. They contain fresh seafood ingredients that mimic the nutritional value of a natural diet and promote proper growth, coloration and nutrition to algae eating fishes. This nutritionally rich formulation can be fed to a multitude of fish that require extra vegetable matter. It incorporates marine algae, Spirulina and garlic, a flavor enhancing attractant that helps stimulate the appetite of finicky eaters. This blend of premium ingredients is easy for fish to digest so they produce less waste and aquariums stay cleaner

Package Dimensions: 5.1 x 3.7 x 3.6 inches